Courses Taught at CCBC

CSIT 216Python Programming
CSIT 214C++ Programming
CSIT 211Advanced Programming
CSIT 210Introduction to Programming
CSIT 121Web Standards
CSIT 111Logic and Object-Oriented Design
CSIT 101Technology & Information Systems
CSIT 101Honors - Technology & Information Systems

Previously Taught Courses at Towson University

TSEM 102Seminar - Virtual Worlds & Society
COSC 109Computers & Creativity
COSC 111Information Technology for Business
COSC 175Introduction to Computer Science
COSC 236Computer Science I
COSC 455Programming Languages: Design & Implementation
COSC 461Artificial Intelligence
CIS 440Systems Development for E-Commerce
CIS 475Web Analysis and Design
ITEC 201Metropolitan I.T. Infrastructures
ITEC 423Emerging Internet Technologies
ITEC 495Independent study in I.T.
CIS 495Independent study in I.S.
COSC 495Independent study in C.S.
AIT 695Independent study in Applied I.T.
COSC 880Graduate Project / Internship